L5 - Level 1 Review

If you haven’t taken Level 1, we suggest you check that out - it's a GREAT learning resource!

Each lesson in Level 1 contains a comprehensive learning video to follow, and ALL the downloads and images needed to get a fully hands-on, interactive experience.

In Level 1 we covered:

  • Basic stroke techniques
  • Creating color swatches
  • How to make 1-pen and 2-pen color blends
  • Color overlays
  • Cross-color blends
  • Coloring blending for larger areas.
  • Multiple techniques for coloring with texture and dimension.

If you are not proficient in the techniques covered in Level 1, we recommend that you complete that before continuing with Level 2.

If you are completely comfortable with your Chameleon Pens and feel you are good to move on, the Level 2 Intermediate Course is for you!

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