L4 - What Supplies Do I Need To Take This Course ?

If you want to follow along and do the projects with us, you need the Chameleon Pens listed below.

Or if you just have curiosity and would like to know how to use the system, then sit back, relax, watch and learn!

You can buy Chameleon Pens in over 70 countries around the world.

Go to www.chameleonpens.com and click on "BUY" , or use our "store locator" to find a shop near you. You can also see the full range of products and pens, here for North America and here for International.

It's best if you have the full 50 colors, but that's not required for the course. We used the 23 individual colors listed here:

We used: Colorless Blender, Bark (BR5), Cool Grey (CG8), Deep Black (BK4), Cornflower Blue (BL4), Cinnamon (BR3), Burnt Umber (BR4), Crimson Red (RD4), Grass Green (GR3), Warm Grey (WG3), Mellow Yellow (YO2), Green Apple (GR1), Lavender (BV2), Baby Blue (BL2), Peony Pink (PK4), Fuchsia (PK5), Burgundy (RD5), Nude (NU00), Sand (NU0), Bisque (NU1), Light Peach (NU2), Fawn (NU3), Caramel (NU4), and Lagoon (BG1).

Other Supplies needed

Listed at the bottom are the supplies we recommend to duplicate what we use in the lessons (feel free to substitute similar items you may already have).

For examples and ease of visual identification, we added a link to where each is available online. In many cases it's Amazon, but you need not buy it there!

We believe in supporting local retailers whenever possible, so make sure to check your local craft store to see if they carry the supplies below! *Also please note that we do our best to keep the links up to date, but over time these things may move!*

  • Paper designed for use with alcohol marker pens - SEE HERE for paper; SEE HERE for card stock
  • Sponge dauber - SEE HERE
  • Colorless blender re-inker/refill - SEE HERE
  • Memento Stamping Inks in Potters Clay and Desert Sand or similar - SEE HERE
  • Stamps of your choice for monochromatic effect and no-line coloring. We used Penny Black "Venetian Summer" and "Flower Cascade"
  • Mini-mister bottle to spray water or colorless blender solution - SEE HERE
  • Textured fabric
  • Printer to print out worksheets

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